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Agreement on the processing and storage of personal data

An agreement has been entered into today between the customer and Allegro språktjenester AS regarding the performance of a single translation assignment which may entail processing of the customer's (sensitive) personal data. Depending on the language combination, it may be necessary for Allegro to use a subcontractor to perform the assignment you have ordered.


Allegro hereby declares that:


All personal data are processed in accordance with the data protection legislation in force at all times. This means that Allegro ensures that your personal data are processed, stored and transferred in a secure manner. If subcontractors are used, this will be regulated in a separate data processing agreement between Allegro and the subcontractor ensuring that data security is attended to in the best possible way. Allegro does not disclose personal data to other external parties, and will not process or use this data for other purposes than those covered by the agreement.


The applicable data protection legislation indicates that personal data should not be stored for longer than necessary by the data controller. Allegro makes sure that personal data are deleted and/or destroyed in accordance with internal routines and applicable legislation. The customer may at any time request that their own documents and files be deleted.


Allegro treats all data with integrity and with strict confidentiality.. The duty of confidentiality also applies after completion of the assignment.


By confirming the order, you agree to the following:


In connection with a specified remunerated translation assignment, I have given Allegro access to documents and/or files that may contain (sensitive) personal data. I confirm that I am the owner of the documents, or that I have obtained permission from the owner of the documents to be processed. If a subcontractor is located outside the EU/EEA, I consent to Allegro sending the documents to that location. I understand that documents are stored by Allegro for the purpose of documentation.

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