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Allegro offers quality-assured translations into most languages. We have in-house government authorised translators between Norwegian, English and French. For other languages, we use our well-tested network of qualified freelance translators and partners.


Using professional translators enables you to communicate effectively across national boundaries in a global market. You are the expert in your field, we are the language experts.

Allegro has extensive experience of translation in most domains, including financial, legal, academic and technical documents for the public and private sector. We also have extensive experience of translating marketing material, not least for the travel and tourism industry.


Allegro’s government authorised translators are members of the Association of Government Authorized Translators in Norway. We offer government authorised translations of legal documents, medical records, diplomas, job certificates and other official documents. Our translations can be certified and notarised as required.


We have the capacity to handle the most complex assignments and we deliver on time. We communicate by email or phone, so it makes no difference whether you are located in Berlin, Hammerfest or Singapore.


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